Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about any of the services we offer, To assist you further we have listed some of the Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I work out a quote by myself?

Sure you will find  prices listed  in our website for all our doors and window security, all you need is Hinged door dimensions and sliding Door dimensions preferably in millimeter. Remember for window fly screens you do not need dimensions to price them as they are sold per piece. Price will also depends on the type of window operation for example (sliding window, wind out awning or sash windows) and will also depends on quantity of fly screens you want to order and whether they purchased with doors or by themselves.

Q. Do you have factory and showroom where I can see actual products?

Yes we have factory and showroom with many door designs. we are located in Hoppers Crossing

Q. What areas do you service?

We mainly service these areas however we may service other areas in Melbourne

suburbs if the job is reasonable enough. Please give us a call to find out.

Q. How do I go about choosing the right door?

We can give you some guide on how to go about choosing the right door :

* Determine whether you need:

Fly door only which is clear, retain your view, allow maximum  air flow and stops insects from entering your house and is hardly visible and also cheap but will not provide security barrier, and is not durable and the mesh is easier to get damage or

Security door with insert ( like Diamond and Decorative inserts or Colonial style inserts) which  also have a mesh like fly door, provide security barrier from intruders, allow air flow, durable but cost more and insert designs may destruct some views.

Security door with clear security mesh ( like Stainless steel, Galvanized steel and perforated Aluminium Mesh doors)  these door looks like fly door  and provide security barrier like security doors  they are most durable but also cost more than diamond security doors.

* Decide if you want fly door or security door for each particular area in your house generally we recommend entrance hinged doors to be security doors while sliding doors may be either fly door or security door.

* Measure width and height of each door for the purpose of quoting. rough measurement is okay we use millimeter

* Browse through our web site and familiarise yourself with door sizes, prices and standard colours. work out which one best suits your need and budget remember all door prices includes fitting and GST.

* Call us to confirm you want to proceed with quoted prices. an appointment will be made to professionally  measure exact size of your doors and windows.

Q. What is the time frame for installation of a security screen or door?

Most doors and screens  will be installed within 1 to 3 weeks after you accept and confirm our quote.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash, Credit Cards, Cheques or Direct Deposit. Payment is due upon installation.

Q. Where will the door be installed?

Our Fitter will determine the most ideal position to install your door, fly screen or window grille.

Q. How long has your business been established?

Since 1997

Q. Do I need to be there when my Security door and screens are being installed?

Yes! We want to make sure your completely happy, and answer any questions you may have about the new doors and also to make the payment for the installed products.

Q. Do you offer any  warranty?

Yes. All our work comes with a 12 month guarantee. , providing the products are not misused and are maintained correctly.

Q. Do you offer a free Quote service?

We can quote most jobs over the phone. or in our showroom all we need is some  information and door dimensions. 

Q. Do you repair existing screens and doors?

Yes we do, go to our repair page for prices and more information.

Q Do you sell  Clear Shield, InvisiGuard, or Crimsafe  stainless steel security doors?

No. We only sell our own range of  clear security doors at a lower price.

Q What maintenance is required on security doors and screens?

To ensure your security screens lasts, you need to clean and lubricate door hinges wheels and locks regularly