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Clear Security Doors  

Clear View Security Mesh Hinged and Sliding doors



               X Guard Brochure                                                                              Alu Guard Brochure                                                                                                Stainless Steel 


Clear View security mesh insert doors are made using superior strength metal meshes yet you can see through them almost like you see through fly wire mesh both ways.

They are exceptionally durable and minimal maintenance and come in woven Stainless-steel mesh, or Perforated Aluminium mesh insert. They are suitable for hinged or sliding doors and window security grilles. All meshes come in black, but frames come in all our standard colour range.

ALU-GARD Test Performances
Knife Shear Test PASS
Dynamic Impact Test PASS
Jemmy Test PASS

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Standard Door Features
Hinged door Features Sliding door Features
  • Made to measure
  • Key Lock with snib in Black only
  • 2 Wheels Down and 2 wheels up if possible
  • Standard Colour
Extra Door Features 
Possible Extra Door Features 
  • For hinge door: External Jamb Adopter may be needed in some doors to offset the screen door away from timber door to accumulate both doors handle.
  • For Sliding door: Tracks may be needed.


Clear View Mesh Security Door

Alu Guard Security  Door

Xguard Security Door

Stainless Steel Mesh Security  Door

Clear view Meshes 

*Front Side Panel

 from   $375 


* Front Side Panel is available if you order with front door only.

Alu Guard Security Door

Perforated Aluminium

Mesh Door

 from $700









X Guard Security Door

Privacy Limited Vision

Mesh Door

 from $700



Stainless Steel Security Door


Mesh Door

 from $700